We offer a wide variety of salvaged items to our customers for their home improvement needs. Whether it be a repair, remodeling, or addition, we have something for everyone!




Exterior double opening doors with lead-frame glass window inserts. Each door measures 36 x 80 inches with the overall rough opening being 75 x 83 inches.

Wooden Cherry Display Cabinet

Cabinet measures 36 inches (L) x 68 inches (H) x 17 inches (W) and comes with two adjustable shelves. Cabinet is in great shape, but does have a few scratch marks.

Large Replacement Windows


Each window measures 59.5 inches (H) x 45.25 inches (L) and comes with screen insert.

DESA International Vented Gas Fireplace Heater. Unit uses propane gas only.

Bathroom / Laundry Room Set


Set of one (1) bathroom vanity and two (2) upper wall cabinets. Vanity measure 22 inches (W) x 44 inches (L) x 32 inches (H). Each cabinet piece measures 13 inches (W) x 39 inches (L) x 30.5 inches (H).

Set comes with complete white brass faucet and door knobs.

Porcelain Pedestal Sinks


We have several different styles and sizes available ranging from small and basic to large and extravagant.

Floor-to-Floor Commercial Freight Conveyor. Unit is 37 feet long with a 32 inch wide belt. Three supporting stands and AB Controller Box come with unit.

Kohler Portrait 5.5' Jacuzzi.

Two available units - one with Chrome and one with Yellow Brass hardware.

Exterior double opening-style aluminum storm doors. Locks can be used to limit for only a single door to be opened. Door set comes with the full glass and screen inserts.


Each door measures 36 x 80 inches.



Old-Style Wooden Trunk

Trunk Measures 35 inch (L) x 23 inch (H) x 21 inch (W) and is in good shape. One leather handle is broken.

New items are continuously brought in as projects occur. Some of the many items we save include:

WINDOWS - Replacement, picture, stained glass, and more are readily available.

DOORS - Interior, exterior, aluminum storm, fire, and more. Some with frames, others just the door.

GRANITE - Different shapes, sizes, and cuts are available from our inventory.

BRICK - We offer several types of brick suitable for various residential and commerical projects.

HOT WATER TANKS - We offer and stock several different sizes.

STEEL I-BEAMS - We have carefully salvaged I-beams and H-beans from various projects. Beams come in a variety of lengths, thickness, and widths.

HEATING COMPONENTS - We carry a variety of cast-iron radiators, cast iron baseboards, broilers, and other essential materials used for heating buildings.

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